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a week of walking picket li, but tonight, talks have resd with striking grocery worke. it couldn't come at a more critical time -- with the good evening. a week of walking picket lines but tonight, talks have resumed with striking grocery workers. it could not come at a more critical time with the busy
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holiday food-shopping season upon us. we go with the arguments coming from both sides. >> that is right. >> reporter: there is a lot riding on this. not only the jobs and the benefits and paychecks of 7,500 workers but millions and mill -- millions in holiday sale fist. >> a week after they go on strike the two are back at the table. picket lines remain up but so do hopes. >> it is good news. i want my job back. i miss it. >> reporter: both sides agreed not to talk about it openly but on the union web site while it a positive development no time to let down our guard. >> we dope know what is going on at the -- we don't know what is going on at the taeupbl but the workers are committed to stay out here until we have have a contract.
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>> wage freeze, holding clerks at $9.21, and others at $21.09 an hour and elimination of holiday pay. >> reporter: it is welcome news. they are talking right now t. it is still scary. we are hoping it -- it will get resolved soon. >> reporter: they are calling the benefit's package one of the best. pension, life shurps, a 401k and this is the big sticking point, elimination of health plan benefits for retirees who qualify for medicare. >> keep the retirement benefits, just leave it alone. >> reporter: what brought them back to the table? holiday shopping season may be one reason. meanwhile competitor stores safeway reached an agreement last year. >> it puts the pressure on raley's because the others have a contract. >> reporter: spirits are high. but, make no mistake about it there are big hurdles to
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overcome. >> thank you. it is making headlines around the country. california democrats now have a super majority in the state legislature. cbs 5 reports on how that has some worried. >> there is a buzz right now that not unlike 6th graders home alone on a friday night we are going to raise every tax and burn down the house. >> reporter: the state senator was saying that is not the case. but democrats can pass bills and a mend the constitution without a single republican vote. >> now we have addition and subtraction on the table and less dysfunction. >> it is tough to maintain it when there are differences between the democrats some, from the central valley and some from the coast. >> you have to really be clevor and fairly gold blooded. >> reporter: former house speaker, williey brown has advice. find your own minimajorrity.
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>> dope stay within the party -- majority. don't stay within the public. go find the five republicans that were mistreated when they were in charge and now they can gain favor. the chairman says conserve conservative leaders will be spectators. >> people will want answers. they have to have the answers but spend the time in the districts today. >> as for the governor, his own party has the ability to override taxes. >> the only way to raise a tax is to ask people. >> the only way is to close tax loopholes. >> the first tax iny crease, the next tax iny crease -- increase, the next tax increase is never the last tax increase. >> the last time there was a majority was in 1963. that time was the republicans
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in power. they will be sworn in on december 1st. back to you. >> events around. events around the bay area honored the veterans. eleven years after september 11th holding the veteran's day parade. it is one of the biggest in north upper -- northern california. [music] [band playing ] >> hundreds of former service members turned out for san francisco's parade down-market street t. honored more than 40 bay area veterans in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. state senator was on hand to show their sup port. a veteran's monument is years in the making is now a reality. many were there for today's formal dedication at memorial
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park. it honors service members from all military branches. those gathered call it a fitting tribute. >> the entire community came together to bring it together. you can see by the beauty of it they did a remarkable job. >> they broke ground last march and veterans mazed the money to -- raised the money to build it. they are now collecting donations to main tain it. president barack obama was at arlington nationaller is a tone. the president, vice president and mrs. biden took part. afterwards expressing appreciation of all wars and noted it is the first veteran's day in a decade there are no americans fighting in iraq. new scandal information about the cia scandal. dianne feinstein says the fbi did not tell the committee it
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was investigating petraeus. >> this is something that could of had an effect on tphaeufrpl security. we should have been told. there is a way to do it. that is just toip form the chair and the vice chairman of both committees. >> the affair was uncovered after a phror floor woman complained of harassing e-mails -- a florida woman complained of harassing e-mails. she has now asked near privacy. houses came apart after an explosion. a big step towards a development in the east bay. bringing housing, retail and transportation together in the coming years
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neighborhood in rubble. cbs susan mcginnis on a massive explosion that can be felt for miles left much of an indianapolis neighborhood
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in rubble. >> an explosion leveled homes killing at least two people and injuring several others. the force of the blast knocked garage doors off and sidings off of houses. >> there are homes that will be torn down and there are homes that can be inhabited in the next day or so. we are examining each and every one of them. >> the damage is massive. spanning two blocks in every direction. >> this house is let's than 100 -- less than 100 feet from the site of the explosion. one of the homes that caught fire. people say they felt the blast as far as three milessa away. >> it looked -- miles away. >> it looked like a war zone. >> sitting here watching tv and next thing you know, loud explosion, the house shook. things falling off of the walls. >> reporter: kirk and others ran outside to help. >> we heard people yelling. we want in. pulled out two daughters and then the head was trapped under
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a lot of tebrae. got him -- debris and then the wife was trapped in the recliner and got her out. >> reporter: everyone is a counted for. some residents -- accounted for. some residents have been told they can go back. a 20-year-old woman, a 1- year-old boy and two dogs pulled from a burning duplex at 10 clock last night. it started in an outside garbage can and spread to the house. six tenants have been left homeless. elder care facility two people died after a care maker picked wild mushrooms and made soup with them. among those treated is in her 90s. they are calling the deaths an
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unfortunate accident. checking headlines, the mother accused of using her 10- year-old daughter to shoplift couldepter a plea on tuesday. she left her daughter at a safe way in september and a band oned her. she told the authorities she sufficient erred from mental illness. >> tomorrow marks the end. cooling temperatures, rain this past week has reduced fire danger. and the city of newark had has given the green light fora for a new transit center. it will be part of a larger project of retail, housing and transportation on the city's west edge. they credit the economy for pushing it it forward. well, the nip in the air made it great time for ice
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and now the city of san rafl one, just in time fo it has been more than 25 years since marin county had an ice rink. now the city of rafell has one in time for the holidays. 5,000 square feet of real ice. it including skating times for parents and their little ones and family night on tuesdays.
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rent skates and hit the ice for $15 a person and it will stay open until middle january. >> all right, we can not resist it. the holidays are coming upon us. >> it is cold enough for the ice to stay all weekend. 30 degrees overnight. it was 32 degrees in napa and grab your jacket and head on outside right now for our live 5 camera. looking out at sap fran where today's high was -- san francisco where today's high was 58. pretty much in the 50s across the board. right now, currently, clear skies, 53 degrees, the winds rotated now. west at 8 miles an hour. tonight turns partly cloudy. tomorrow, increasing clouds during the day time hours and then, we have an unsettled 7 day forecast for you. that coming up, first thing is first. tonight, 32 degrees, freezing in santa rosa.
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because of the increasing clouds cloudy overnight they act like a blanket. pretty much in the 40s. now, we had the area of the low pressure to the bay area. pwaeupging up against the pacific northwest. you can see by the different shades of coloring here it is rain and then sleet and then snow we have a lot of it trailing to the north western part of the state of california. these clouds are coming from the system. only the resip kwrept of the -- recipient. low 60s across the pen tpheufpbs laand south san francisco as we wrap around there middle 60s will be common. outside, 66, other waoeusz, 64 in san ramoan. central -- other waoeusz, 64 in
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san ramon. central, 66 degrees in santa rosa. a couple degrees off for the average high of the year. now, had this bears explaining. today, partly sunny conditions. there is your wednesday cloud cover. leading to rain showers from thursday into friday. that friday is an important day considering we have the opening of the ice rink in downtown san jose and the lighting, the christmas lighting of the embarcadero buildings on friday evening. that is your forecast. you know, i am not sure what i saw happen today. i don't know. a little is coming up. raiders collapse r-fpss historical, the game is next ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an injured quarterback, an overtime, missed field goals xt . we have an injured quarterback, overtime and that is only part of the story 72 we might have a quarterback controversy now. -- oh, really? >> an injured quarterback, missed field goals, adding to a bizarre day at candlestick. the fly over was the only thing
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that looked right. alex smith, forced to run, goes into a slide. hit hard, in the back of the head and goes down with a concussion on it this play, actually, stays in the game. smith finds crabtree, nice move, scores on a 14 yard touchdown pass to make it 14-7. but, dave smith is done for the day. replacing smith in the 4th quarter. he gets to the outside and scores on an 8 yard run. 49er down 17-14. fumbling the kick off. gore goes right and scores. they take the 21-17 lead now. can the defense hold? no. bradford, a 2-yard score. you have a minute left in the game. the rams retake the lead. but n field goal now, acres 32 yards down.
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oh. we go to over time. the first drive, this wins it, 41. and the game continues. the rams next drive. the rookie kicker. a 58 yarder for the win. and he misses. neither offense could score in overtime and the game ends on a 24-24 tie. the first time in the nfl since 2008. the 49erss are now 6-2 and 1. -- 49ers are now 6-2&1. this is a football team spiraling out of control. linebacker, lewis, out for the year for baltimore. they did not need him today. the 2nd quarter, down 2. need something kind of spark. michael gave it to him as he picks it off. inside of the red zone. they can not punch it in. late 1st half. palmer, to bay. watch this tackle. 55 yard score. the raiders cut the lead to 10.
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is there hope? no. i will show you a play. says it about the defense. look at it skip. going into the end zone. 27-10 at halftime. they trail. you think that was easy? check this one out. to smith. he is wide open here. how does had it this happen? >> it continues. down 41-17. baltimore, now, toying with him. a fake field goal. runs it in. they were just embarrassed. 55 to 20. to 55 point record allow set in 1981. >> how demoralizing is it to come 3,000 miles to come and do this? >> it is messed up. we want to prove something on the field. it happens. they were better than us today.
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>> rough, rough, rough game. wid did not do good. i same out and -- well, it is my job to make sure we execute our jobs on the football field. we did not do that today. it lies with me and i have to do a better job of getting our team ready to play. nascar, top two chase contenders this is the second of the last race of the year. lap 235. here is the points leader, going into the wall, finished 32nd. two lapses to go. bowyer, jeff gordon lapped. earlier they bumped each other. here goes the melee. don't you love? >> it is hockey. >> this is what nascar is all about. but we are back to racing. kevin would win the race and then a big wreck behind him. so, brad has a 24 point lead
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now going into next week's season finale. that will be a tough lead to overcome. jj was going for his 6th straight, that is not going to happen. you talk about the raiders going out of control, niners with this tie today. can they regroup? >> i am glad you mentioned that. >> i am here to help. >> the 49ers are coming to monday night football against the bears next monday. still regroup, yes, but they are supposed to beat the rams so, that locker room felt it was a losing locker room. >> all righty. thank you very much. all right, getting parking tickets can be one of the most frustrating things on your car. it has been said you can not fight city hall. but tonight we will tell you it
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might be worth it if you really feel you got a ticket without just cause. that will do it for this edition of "eyewitness news." have a good night to leave the war behind and ,, [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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